Martha Runs Ooreview

Martha Runs Ooreview

I have seen a lot of people wearing these big foamy looking flip flops. Many of my friends own them and rave about about comfortable they are. I decided I wanted to see for myself what they were like…. so whilst I was in New York, I bought my first pair of OOFOS.

What are OOFOS?

OOFOS are a brand of recovery footwear. They absorb impact to help your feet recover after a hard run (or just when you have been on your feet a lot). They cradle the feet which is designed to relieve pressure on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Because of the arch support, they allow your feet to move in a more “natural” motion which releases pressure on the forefoot and ball of the foot.

On their website, they also claim that the toe post reduces chafing and that the foam will hold its cushion its “entire life”. They are easy to clean (machine washable) and probably lighter than your ordinary flip flops/sandals.

How do they look?

Okay, so they aren’t dainty and they aren’t going to win you any fashion icon awards. In fact, a non-running friend genuinely told me to walk a few paces in front of her when I was wearing them – but don’t worry I hugged her and told her I wasn’t leaving her side.

Regardless of what non-running friends think, I personally love them and I think they look great. I wear a lot of flip flops and sandals in the summer and given the benefits (see below) I would definitely choose to wear these instead.

They come in all the normal colours; black, red, blue, pink etc. There are also some really funky two toned ones. You can get sliders, flip flops (with a toe post) or pumps. They are available in men and women’s fit.

Look score: 8/10

How do they feel?

In my opinion, they are a bit like the memory foam mattress of the shoe world. As soon as you put your foot in, it very gently sinks into the foamy footbed. When you start walking, you sink even further. The balls of your feet relax. The pressure is taken off your heels. Your feet feel totally stable and don’t slip about like in normal flip flops. I have not met a person yet who hasn’t put their foot into an OOFOS and gone “wow!!!” at how comfortable they are.

I have worn my OOFOS for hours at a time and I can honestly say they feel just as good as when you first put them on. They don’t lose their spongey feeling at all. It’s not until you put a pair of normal shoes back on that you realise how lucky your feet have been whilst you’ve been wearing them. The balls of your feet will thank you. The toe post doesn’t chafe or rub and because they are quite wide, your toes don’t spill out over the sides either.

Comfort score: 10/10

The cost?

I managed to get my OOriginal for an absolute steal. They were half price in a running shop in New York so I only paid $20 for them which worked out at about £16. If you buy the OOriginals in the U.K. they retail for £40. The other styles start at £48 and go up to £110 for the pump shoes (which I tried on in New York and they were even comfier than the OOriginal).

I do now have three pairs and I would buy a fourth and a fifth (you need them in every colour, right?). I have worn my pink pair to death and it’s still just as spongey so I think they are well worth the money.

Price score: 8/10

Do they actually work? Well this is the million dollar question...

Since having my OOFOS, I have worn them a lot. I wear them at home and at the end of every run. Before buying them, I had been suffering from glude med/hip pain for around 8 weeks. Within a few weeks of wearing my OOFOS, the pain started to ease, and it has now completely gone. Is that a coincidence? I really don’t know.

I also wore them after the London Marathon and I was able to walk pain free for the rest of the day. When I woke up the following morning, it was like I hadn’t run a marathon. No aches at all. My feet felt amazing. Weird. Normally I can’t walk for days. As a result, I put Chariots of Fire on and danced round the hotel room and kicked my suitcase (alas, enter broken toe). Is that a coincidence? Surely not?!

On their website, they say that OOFOS can help to relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. I haven’t suffered from this so I couldn’t say, but I spent some time reading the reviews and others suggest it does. Irrespective of this, I do think that the OOFOS are effective. At least they seem to have been for me and I can’t wait to make them a staple part of my running wardrobe.

Overall score: 9/10