All sizes displayed on use the EU Sizing System.

With the exception of our OOlala, all OOFOS come in a medium unisex width. However, there are specific styles that we suggest for people that tend to have wider or narrow feet. For people that have a wider set foot we highly recommend the OOriginal and OOriginal Sport thong, or the OOahh Sport Flex slide sandals. Our OOahh Sport Flex features an adjustable OOfoam™ strap which accommodates wide or narrow feet, as well as those with high insteps and arches. If you tend to have a narrower foot, we suggest the OOlala thong as the foot bed shape is slightly narrower.

Due to the way OOFOS are produced, sizes may differ. The dimensions can also differ between each style. We try to give the best possible advice by displaying a foot length in centimetres in the tables below.

To determine your foot length:
Step with the largest foot onto an A4 sheet of paper, put a dash at the big toe and one at the back heel and then measure the distance between. This is the foot length which corresponds to the lengths listed in the tables below.

With footwear, fit is important. The dimensions are indications and may differ. Would you rather try on in an OOFOS store? Find a store near you through our Store Locator.

This is the measurement we are using in the tables below

ATTENTION! OOFOS are made from a soft material, OOfoam™ , for optimal Recovery operation. This is the strength of our product. Overstretching or pulling on the material can cause cracks. The straps over the instep may not be tight on the foot, make sure you have enough space so that you can easily put on the products. The foot must be well placed within the footbed.

Do you have a high instep? Then it is possible that the OOahh style can be tight on the foot, we therefore recommend the OOaah Flex for those with a high instep.

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Universal dimensions for both men and women. M = Men | W = Women