Miles With Michelle OOreview

Miles With Michelle OOreview

Michelle Mortimer from blog Run Shell Run is a running fitness coach so really knows what it means to put in the hours of training. Michelle tested out the Women's OOriginal, find out what she thought below:

“OOohh, aaahhh!” They were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I felt like I was walking on air! Having suffered from Achilles issues in the past I have to be really careful about my choice of shoe now; I can no longer, for example, wear flat shoes."

Michelle continues:

“I really like these shoes, and putting them on after a race, being able to air your feet and slip into something comfortable, really is a luxury! The arch support feels really good for tired feet and legs, and the foam is really comfortable so I can see how they help with recovery."

You can read Michelle's full post here.