OOFOS for recovery – does it work?

OOFOS for recovery – does it work?

From the blog "Tales of Annie Bean" - January 13, 2022

If you follow me on Instagram you will have probably spotted me wearing some interesting footwear post exercise. Well I’ll let you in on the secret, they’re my OOFOS recovery sandals! This footwear has actually joined me throughout my entire Ironman 70.3 training journey, and after extensive use of OOFOS, I can give you a good overview of this recovery footwear and how and why you might want to add this to your training regime.

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What do OOFOS do?

Meet OOFOS! The main aim of the OOFOS design is absorbing impact. Instead of those tired post exercise muscles taking anymore of a beating, they get supported in ways they wouldn’t normally. Ultimately this means you can recover faster and more efficiently. How is this done? By OOFOS special material, OOfoam®. This is what all OOFOS are made from. OOFOS are sculpted so they support the whole foot, including key areas like arches. For someone like me with very high arches that often ache after long runs, this targeted design works so well!

The OOFOS science for recovery

The whole point of the OOFOS product is to reduce the pressure on your joints, and especially your feet. In fact, tests have shown that the OOFOS footbeds reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47%* when compared to competitors’ footwear. What does that mean for you and your recovery? You can bounce back from tough sessions quicker, and your back, joints, and most importantly for me as a runner and triathlete with dancers arches, your feet, can be ready to go again, day after day.

How I used my OOFOS in my training

I have been integrating my OOFOS into my training over the past years in several ways. For example, before I race a triathlon, I wear my OOFOS to check in and rack my bike, saving my legs for the race day exertions. I also wear them to the pool, and use them post swim in the changing rooms for hygiene purposes. They even come with me to my favourite hot pod yoga classes, is there any better way to rest and recover, mentally and physically?!

Post race experience

Often we do really forget to look after ourselves post race beyond stretching. Being able to swap my race shoes and slip straight into my OOFOS is absolute bliss! Along with stretching and message, re-hydration and a balanced post-race meal, my OOFOS are essential to reducing fatigue after a tough race.

What’s next for my OOFOS journey?

After getting into my stride this year in both running and triathlon, I’m very committed to making 2022 my time to really step up my training and racing! I already have several races in the calendar, and i’m starting to work with a proper coach to allow me to structure my training, rest and recovery as effectively as possible. One things for sure, my OOFOS will be coming along for the ride!

From the blog "Tales of Annie Bean"