Train Together, Recover Together

Train Together, Recover Together

Recovery is as important as the training that you put in and more athletes are discovering the importance of focusing on recovery to perform at their best. 

We explored training and recovery at our recent Track Event at London’s Battersea Park Millennium Arena: An evening running session with a recovery twist. London 2012 Olympian, running coach and brand ambassador Ross Murray was there to coach guests through an elite-level track session. The workout began with a warm up, followed by steady to fast efforts, before cooling down. Guests were put through their paces while enjoying a beautiful, active summer evening.

Afterwards, guests had the opportunity to slide on a pair of OOFOS for a post-session recovery talk, where Ross ran through some key tips - watch this space for these tips. 

Rhys Williams – a former elite athlete and part of the @OOFOSUK team was also there to explain how the OOFOS technology works to help you to recover faster, and why it sets OOFOS apart from other “comfortable” footwear, elevating us to a scientifically proven recovery solution. 

It was a fun, informative evening. Guests included UK-based running influencers and media, who all left invigorated after their workout, feeling better on their feet thanks to their new OOFOS Recovery Footwear. Here are a few images from the event:

 Guests at the OOFOS Running and Recovery Event

OOFOS Running and Recovery Event

Ross Murray OOFOS Ambassador

OOFOS Running and Recovery

OOFOS Recovery Tips with Ross Murray

OOFOS Recovery Gear